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KAZ has been producing various private supplements for customers. We produce your supplement as per your need and marketing purpose. Or if you have already your own supplements, we will assist to expand potency or modify tablet/capsule to more consumer-friendly presentation. It will expand your sales.

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Contact us for your needs and we assist and quote. We propose ideas and produce it from the beginning to the end product.
Contact us for Quote.

Leaf Icon Supplement detail and process

Process. 1
Application (i.e. for joint health, weight management.....)

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What is your supplement for? : i.e. Joint health, brain function, general health support, eye health, weight management, special functional need. We assist you in all aspects as professional.


Process. 2
Formulation (Ingredients and serving content)

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KAZ is basically an ingredient specialist and will assist your formulation from the top list of ingredients and serving levels.


Process. 3
Supplement Type (Tablet, capsule, softgel or powder? Bottle size, label size)

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We propose Tablet (shape, weight), Capsule (regular, vegetable, size from size2 via size 00), serving size (one month supply etc.), bottle selection, label requirement, label text assistance, label size and arrange printing of your label. KAZ arranges the whole to have your supplement more consumer-friendly and in better presentation.


Process. 4
Manufacturing your supplement. (Production of your supplement)

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With all the 1-3 coordination, KAZ then manufactures at cGMP compliance factory into the final product.


Process. 5
Shipment your supplement to you!

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Please Contact Us for your need and KAZ will coordinate the whole process.

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